"Inspirational Education"

Collecting Smiles

Community Engagement Project. Collecting Smiles is a film-making unit of work in which students write, act, direct and film a short video at selected public venues. Interacting in a socially acceptable, positive manner, students present flowers to the general public in exchange for a smile, capturing people’s... more

School Promo Vid

Students make a film promoting their school. With budget and time frame negotiable, the outcome of this course is a vibrant personalised profile of the school. Delivered by award-winning Forster Film Production Team. Working from a brief cleared by the principal, P&C, or delegated authority, students engage in a... more

Enrich Curriculum

If you show a class a film about fish, they will watch it (maybe). If a class makes a film about fish, they will watch it over and over, show their friends and family, post it on facebook, and want to do it again. Plus, learn a great deal about fish. (And making films). Forster Films works on the premise that the best... more