Enrich Curriculum

If you show a class a film about fish, they will watch it (maybe).

If a class makes a film about fish, they will watch it over and over, show their friends and family, post it on facebook, and want to do it again. Plus, learn a great deal about fish. (And making films).

Forster Films works on the premise that the best way to learn about media is to make it. It’s an idea that was piloted some years ago in the DEC Cineliteracy project and has been providing measurable results ever since.

Some sample vids:

A mockumentary addressing the issue of junk food advertising aimed at young Australians. Taree Public School Class 5/6 teams up with Forster Films to make a short film of a race between Junk food (represented by deep-fried chips) and Healthy food (represented by an apple). During the adventure, the young filmmakers visit nearby Bungwahl School to see some amazing skipping by students who grow and cook their own food.

Some Aboriginal students from Taree Public School Class 5/6 host and film an interview with Australia’s first Aboriginal Federal Court Magistrate, His Honour Matthew Myers. An amazingly candid, inspiring interview. Conducted at Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree.