School Promo Vid

Students make a film promoting their school. With budget and time frame negotiable, the outcome of this course is a vibrant personalised profile of the school. Delivered by award-winning Forster Film Production Team.

Working from a brief cleared by the principal, P&C, or delegated authority, students engage in a film-making unit of work in which they produce a positive, colourful, and upbeat short film promoting the school.

This project will increase student’s attendance and engagement at schools, as well as  raising the authenticity and commitment of students to the production values of the clip.

Students connect with their schools and begin learning in a positive, meaningful way.

Students will achieve a wide variety of learning outcomes integrated within Literacy, Numeracy, HSIE, Science and technology, Creative Arts and PDHPE.




Outcomes For Schools

        • The school will develop positive relationships with a wide variety of community members.
        • Staff is offered professional development in delivering this project.
        • Expected significant parental involvement at the end of term film premiere where students get to present their films.
        • Schools will be implementing the latest innovative strategy targeting connected communities school policies.
        • Schools will be positively portrayed in their local community media.

Outcomes For Students

        • Students are actively engaged in their local community.
        • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
        • Students develop specific talking and listening, reading, writing skills through acting, script writing, and socialisation with public members.
        • Students attendance and engagement at school increase.
        • Students are exposed to all forms of media and technologies associated with film making.